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Potential Co-Drivers this is for you – tighten those belts and hang on!!

Two of WA’s top level and most experienced Co-Drivers, Toni Feaver and Scott Beckwith, are running courses for you.

Course Details

The Co-Driver 101 course will be an introductory course aimed at a complete beginner. Topics covered will be:

  1. The role of a Co-Driver
  2. The Rules and Regulations.
  3. Gear & Equipment.
  4. Running of the rally, including schedule, stage set up, controls etc.
  5. Timecards & Rallysafe.
  6. Roadbooks and route charts.
  7. Organisation and Admin.

The Stepping Up (advanced) course is aimed at co-drivers who have been in the sport for a season or two and want to step up, either in terms of pacenoting, or being more effective as a co-driver (or both). It will be open to co-drivers, and their drivers, and we would also be happy with newcomers who have attended the basic 101 course in the morning. Topics covered will be:

  1. Role of the top level codriver.
  2. Additional gear and equipment.
  3. Organisation and Admin for the top level codriver.
  4. Pacenotes – systems and calls, making and calling them.
  5. Other things to know and do.

Get in now to secure your spot as they are limited.

To register your interest please email Murray Hynes at muzzahynes@gmail.com and include the following

  1. Make the email header “24 Feb Course”
  2. Your Name.
  3. Your email.
  4. Contact phone number.
  5. Which Course you are attending, Co-driver 101, Stepping Up, or BOTH.

If your driver wishes to attend, then they would also need to register.

Come and find out how you can help your driver.

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