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Current WARC Seedings List

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For an explanation of how seedings are calculated, see: RallyWAs Seeding List Explained.

Clubman Masters/Cup Eligibility List

Historic Seedings

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Archived WARC Points Tables

Some co-drivers did not always compete with the same driver throughout the season, hence the separation in some cases.

2020 State Championship Winners

OutrightMike YoungScott Beckwith
2WD ChampionshipMike JossMegan Logue
Rookie AwardMax McRaeJonathan Charlesson
Class P1David SmithKeian Guy
Class P2Garry Mills= Jeremy Edwards, Tim Jackson and Rachael Ferrante
Class P3Dannielle TurtonLiam Turton
Class P4Gregory FloodDeeann Flood
Class P5Mike YoungScott Beckwith
Class P6Paul Mc CroryKeith Hamilton
Club Rally CarMike JossMegan Logue
Classic Rally C1Nic BoxDaymon Nicoli
Group N3Max McRaeBill Hayes
Group AP4Michael CivilJack Civil
Group R5John O’DowdToni Feaver

2020 Clubman Masters Series Winners

OutrightAlex WhiteLisa White

2020 Clubman Cup Series Winners

OutrightRod FowlerKeith Mayes
Rookie AwardGlen CawoodMurish O’Connell

2020 Chairman’s Award

Team Bravo SOS – Team Bravo SOS

Team Charlie SOS – Team Charlie SOS

2020 Rally Official of the Year
Deirdre Schokker

2020 Young Rally Official of the Year
Alex Turton

History of RallyWA Winners – Historical Records