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Points & Seedings

Current WARC Points Tables


A red bar has been added to the top of each Points Table. This will remain red until the minimum requirements for a Series Award, as per 2024 MAWARC J3 i), have been met at which time the bar colour will change to green.

Points 2024 After Round 2 – Forest Rally

Points 2024 After Round 1 – Winvale Park Stages

Some co-drivers do not always compete with the same driver throughout the season, hence the separation in some cases.

Note to Drivers and Eligible Rookies:
When entering events can you please check your details on the online Entry List as soon as it becomes available and check your Class and Rookie status? If there are any discrepancies then contact the Event Secretary immediately to rectify. For those who are unsure if they are a Rookie, then click on this link: 2024 MAWARC, and refer to Section G6, To be a Rookie, on page 20. Thank you. WARC Points & Seedings.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that there are no errors or mistakes, no doubt someone may still find one or two. If you find an error, be it the spelling of a name or the points are incorrect, then please contact the RallyWA Points coordinator via email at points@rallywa.com.  

Current WARC Seedings List

Seedings 2024 After Round 1 – Winvale Park Stages

Previous Seedings 2023:
After Round 6 – Experts Cup

After Round 5 – Safari Rally

After Round 4 – Karri Rally

After Round 3 – Grimwade Stages

After Round 2 – Forest Rally

After Round 1 – Winvale Stages

A drivers’ Seeding (DPI) is only valid for 24 months since their last rally, and the driver is then removed from the current Seeding List. Should a driver later return to competition then their archived Historical Seeding will be used to determine their start position.

If you have any questions please contact the RallyWA Seedings co-ordinator via email at seedings@rallywa.com

For an explanation of how seedings are calculated, see: RallyWA’s Seeding List Explained.

Clubman Masters/Cup Eligibility List

Current Eligibility list as of April 2024

Historic Seedings

RallyWA Historical Seeding – updated May 2024

Archived WARC Seeding Lists 2004 to 2024

Archived WARC Points Tables

202320222021202020192018201720162015201420132012 * — | — 2008 * — | — 2004 *2003 *

Some co-drivers did not always compete with the same driver throughout the season, hence the separation in some cases.

2023 State Championship Winners
(link to WA Rally Championship Perpetual Trophies History)

Daniel Gonzalez
Daymon Nicoli
2WD Championship
Alex White
Lisa White
Rookie Award
Camden Puzey
Riley Griffiths
Class P2
Lachlan White *
Kai Rasmussen *
Class P3
Stephen Vass
Steven Crawford
Class P4
Scott Bennett *
Gavin Turner *
Class P5
Dylan King
Lee Tierney
Class P6
Kelly Thomas
Steph Esterbauer
Group R5
Daniel Gonzalez
Daymon Nicoli
Group AP4
Gary Mills *
Mitchell Gray *
Classic Rally C1
Alex White
Lisa White
Classic Rally C4
Glen Rivers *
Max Rivers
Club Rally Car
Tony Oates
Riley Griffiths
Carter Smith *
Jade White *


2023 Clubman Masters Series Winners

Rod Fowler
Keith Mayes
Rookie Award


2023 Clubman Cup Series Winners

Jack Ryan
Luke Dunkley
Rookie Award
Jack Ryan
Luke Dunkley


2023 Chairman’s Award

John Travis

John has been involved with rallying in WA for 35 years and has been part of Team Hotel since 1989, being their Stage Commander on 55 events from 2005 to 2022. Towards the end of 2012 he was invited onto the WA Rally Advisory Panel where in 2013 he took on the role of managing the WARC Seeding, and in 2015 added managing the WARC Points Tables, until the end of 2023. John has also been managing the Seeding for the ARC since 2013. In recent years he has also assisted many event organisers with their running schedules and timecards preparation. John has provided an outstanding service to the sport that is appreciated by everyone.


2023 Event of the Year
Warren Leary Trophy

Deirdre Schokker – Experts Cup


2023 Encourage Participation in Rallying
Pink Panther Trophy

Tim Hiles

With a DNF on the first event of the year, then major front-end damage almost putting him out of the Forest Rally, and then another DNF on the Safari Rally with major rear-end damage, Tim had a challenging year. With encouragement and support from his fellow competitors and their service crews working on his car late into the night he was able to rejoin the Forest Rally, and also repair his car in time for the final rally of the year and was able to secure second place in his Championship Class.


2023 Rally Official of the Year
Ernie Hastie Memorial Trophy

Dylan Jackson


2023 Young Rally Official of the Year
Ross Tapper Trophy

Sami Polak

History of RallyWA Winners – Historical Records


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