Rules, Regs and Paperwork

WA Rally Series Regulations supplement the Motorsport Australia Manual of Motor Sport, Rally / Road, National Competition Rules and define the conditions for the competition of championship rallies and series conducted in Western Australia.

2024 Motorsport Australia WA Rally Championships and Series Regulations (MAWARCS)

Competitor Safety:

Safety video aimed at competitors and officials in the WA Rally Championship.  Please make sure that you understand and remember all of the processes in this video.

RallyWA Safety Briefing Video

All competitors are required to run RallySafe.  The unit will be provided at each event. As a competitor you need to purchase a fitting kit and have that installed in your car before Scrutineering.  This kit contains the antennas, wiring, and mounts for the unit.

RallySafe Shop

The Motorsport Australia Manual is the rules and regulations for all Motorsport run under Motorsport Australia.  There are a number of sections of this document that also related to Rallying.

Motorsport Australia Manual

This section of the manual contains some of the specific rules that relate just to Rallying in Australia.  Note that there are many other parts of the Manual that also relate to Rallying, this is not the only section.

Motorsport Australia Manual – Rally/Road Appendix