2024 Series Major Sponsors:

The State rally championship has a new name thanks to the support of Beechboro businessman, Tim Harmer, Australia’s sole importer of Zestino Gravel 09R Tyres.

Harmer, who is a director of Better Value Tyres in Landsdale, is the son of Hugh Harmer who previously held championship naming rights with their family business Onslow Contracting.

Tim Harmer said it made better business sense to partner Zestino Tyres with the WARC.

“Zestino Tyres have Japanese Dunlop engineering but are manufactured in China, which reduces the cost, making them cheaper than equivalent quality tyres. Performance wise, they are very competitive against the more expensive brands and handle steering, braking, and acceleration just as well with just as much grip,” Tim Harmer said.

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