Junior Rally Challenge

The WA Rally Advisory Panel is currently creating a WA Junior Rally Challenge that will kick off in 2023. The aim is to provide a pathway for younger competitors to move up within our sport.

Eligibility & details:

  • Drivers must be 26 years or younger
  • Drivers must not have not won an outright category or rally championship previously
  • Drivers must compete in the WARC
  • Rally cars must be 2WD or 4wd non turbo
  • Junior Challenge competitors will not qualify for other WARC class or outright awards
  • Registration is free
  • Co-driver age is un-restricted

The intention is to keep the Junior Challenge long term to give competitors plenty of time to have a go. Behind the scenes the WA Rally Panel is working on a great prize package and the finer details. Further info will be released in due course.

Right now the WA Rally Panel is seeking expressions of interest which you can do by sending an email to: info@rallywa.com