Safari Darling Rally 2020 – 7th November 2020 – Jarrahdale

Why the name change, I have been asked? Answer: The LCC Safari Rally has been run, every single year since 1965. 55 years in a row. According to our historian (Steve Vanderbyl) this is an Australian record.

Other events are indeed older but they have not run consecutively Their runs have been interrupted by wars, economics, and weather.

It was hoped to run the Safari in Boddington, but this was not to be. Then COVID 19 impacted and we could not Return to Race until July. The flow on effect was that we could only schedule 4 events on the rally calendar. The LCC was allocated 1 of those events.

Naturally in order to continue our historic run, the event we chose to run, was the LCC Safari – making 2020 the 56th running of the LCC Safari. The area available to us was Jarrahdale. The traditional area and time of year for the running of the LCC’s Darling 200. Hence the name the Safari Darling Rally 2020.

The Entry Form Service Crew Registration Officials Registration and other forms are available now on the RallyWa website. We are hoping to put up Supplementary Regulations tomorrow.

Cheers Ann

Clerk of Course